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Why... was he under the sheets so low O_o

Really love this unique character and hope see more of him again. Good stuff XD

Really liked the animation. However the voice recording was kind of bad. At times incoherent and ear-piercing. Unique style though :)

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This reminds me of the Tiny Tower phone games. This one is pretty good.

Carpal tunnel, we meet again...

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Sorry for the ignorance, because I know very little about LBP XD Are the samples from the game? If so, you may want to check the licensing for that.

The remix has an ethnic vibe which suits this melody. I checked the YouTube version for the whole "performance" and it's good. The instruments have a retro quality to them. Like the glorious days of early GM patches; used tastefully of course. I think this lends itself well the atmosphere of game music. I feel like I'm on the SNES, ha ha. You're catering to this nostalgia, right? However this sound serves a special niche and it doesn't go far away from that. Keep doing what you're doing as it is good for what it is :)

I reviewed this on the basis of the music and not your project. Best wishes and good luck.

Retsamehtmai responds:

Wow thank you! About the samples...the music sequencer you use in lbp has instruments that are specifically made for it. So it's pretty much like using a computer music synthesizing program, but with the game instead? I know that sounds weird, but the instruments can be used however players of lbp want to. The main thing about this song that is borrowed from meta crystal is the overall rhythm and baseline since I wanted it to sound both like that song and the original "reitselai intro" song I made. That's why I decided to put this song under a remix since all the parts of the song aren't necessarily originally made by me, even though I actually made the entire song from scratch. ^_^ (i need to upload the original reitselai intro theme eventually XD)

Hm, I like the piano! Only thing I didn't like about the song was the lead synth. It didn't didn't fit in the mix for me. My biggest struggle in music is the mixing part, so I can't comment so much on the technical part :D Maybe the reverb cheapened it? Despite the instrumentation there, I like the song - very relaxed. I think the repetitiveness works with the nature of this sort of song. Cool man!

I don't usually listen to this genre, but sounds really great and "fresh". Nice man! I'd listen to this again; very addicting. Big ups to the singer. :)

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Mega man meets Mighty Switch Force, nice!

Music Yo! Wanna jam or get jammed? Hit me up. All my music is free to use as long as you're not making money with it. If you use any of it, share it with me, don't be a punk son! :D Available for commercial work. Just contact me!

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